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In February 2017, the Fayette County Board of Education adopted the 2017-2021 Strategic Plan, setting excellence as the expectation and identifying five areas of focus, known as moral imperatives: Excellent Student Opportunities, Excellent Staff, Excellent Schools, Excellent Supports and Excellent Relationships. The plan affirmed the district's mission and vision, and established a shared definition of equity to guide our pursuit of success for every student.

The strategic plan outlines where we will focus efforts and resources between now and 2021 to achieve our shared goals, but did not include a laundry list of outcomes that can quickly become outdated when real-world challenges require us to adapt. Instead, it requires district leaders to analyze data annually and establish strategies that will move the work ahead for students.

Each strategy has been assigned to a "process owner" - a district administrator who is responsible for implementation, providing a status update, and staying within the budget we will assign to each.

In the spirit of transparency and accountability, we are publicly reporting our progress on this site by noting whether the strategy is red to indicate no work has been done, yellow to indicate that work is in progress, or green to indicate that the task is complete. Project status updates will be published on the 17th of each month. If you have questions about any of the strategies, please follow the link to email the process owner overseeing each project.

Please note that these strategies do not capture all the work currently taking place in the district to provide an outstanding education for our children. Every day countless activities are taking place in classrooms, kitchens, central office, and buses, to ensure that students receive a high-quality education. Rather, the strategies outlined here represent new work which will be key levers for driving improvement across the system.



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